The 8 Simple Qualities for Success in Life

By | December 18, 2020

Being successful doesn’t mean that you’re the CEO of the world’s next tech giant. And neither does it mean that you have to be a multi-millionaire. Definitely, that would be a great addition to your CV or bank account, but it’s not the definition of success. Accomplishing such things as happy living and meeting your goals are everything many people want. Below are 8 simple qualities that are necessary to succeed.

1.      Vision

First things first, you need to have a vision. All goals start with a clear vision. Take a look at where you currently are and then visualize what you want to achieve in the future, where you want to be. Walt had the vision of a cartoon mouse, while Martin Luther King Jr. dreamt of racial equality. These two people succeeded tremendously. Having a vision is essential for a successful career, marriage, family and life in general.

2.      Self-Belief

Now that a vision, you need self-belief. This is the part where you have to believe that your goals are achievable and that you’ve got what it takes to make it. Of course, people will be very fast to tell you what you can’t do in life. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will, and it’ll be very hard accomplishing your goals this way.

3.      Determination

Determination is key when you want to achieve your goals. Have it in mind that there will be tons of challenges along the way, trying to stop you from achieving your goals. People will oppose you, and perhaps (secretly) hoping that you fail. Determination helps you overcome your goals.  It’s the fuel that keeps you going.

4.      Motivation

Dedication and motivation help you achieve ultimate success. Take, for instance, the fact that you’re trying to lose weight by exercising at the gym. Fitness is just one good example of many things that people lack motivation for. It takes a strong person to get going even when they don’t feel like it. Whenever you feel like you’re going slow, think about the goal and what you want to achieve. This should keep you going.

5.      Discipline

Discipline is doing something you hate to do, but doing it as if you love it. That’s according to legendary boxer Mike Tyson. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, at whatever stage in your life, strict discipline keeps you acting. Of course, the next time you want to go to the gym, it’ll be easier just sitting on the couch watching movies. But then again, discipline is the difference between losers and winners. If you follow the comfort your body tells you to keep, you really will have a hard time improving your situation in life.

6.      Courage

Ever met that person who had a brilliant idea, a goal they know they can accomplish, but just didn’t have the courage to do it? This is where most ambitions and dreams die. An otherwise ambitious and brilliant person fears what other people will think and say about them. They fear that they might fail and be laughed at. They fear that they might lose money. They want to put their neck on the line and be out there in the open with nowhere to hide in the case of failure. If you look close enough, you will realize that people who get what they want in life are willing to take all the risks!

7.      Positivity

Without positivity, all else is lost. Yes – this is where some people will see the glass as ‘half-full’, and others as ‘half-empty’. Norman Vincent Peale, says ‘never talk defeat. Keep using words like faith, hope, victory and belief.” When the going gets tough, a positive mental attitude makes a world of difference. Negative people tend to have a ‘defeated’ attitude, especially when challenges start manifesting somewhere along the way. It’s not clear how positivity works, but studies suggest that a positive mindset is great for your general wellbeing. It’s called the influence of positive psychology, and there’s no understating its power.

8.      Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is not just an athlete’s turf. It’s never going to be a smooth ride, not unless you’re so immensely lucky. There will be stormy waters and rocky beaches. Obstacles. Your fake friends will mock you, and then you’ll know they were fake. It takes mental toughness to downplay these and many other challenges for what they are. To be prepared, learn how you can build your mental toughness for a more prosperous life.

These are the 8 qualities that will lead to success. Start by having a vision, believe in yourself, pursue determination and discipline, be courageous, build your mental toughness and leverage a positive mental toughness.