How to Nourish Your Mind

By | December 18, 2020

Ever been overwhelmed by mental noise? Well, in such a situation you note that it is hard to stay relaxed and be productive in what you are doing. You tend to think about your past, in a trance about your future and building castles in the air about your life. This chatter brings about anxiety which can be harmful to our minds. When you quiet our restless mind you tend to feel deep connections and peace with oneself. Here are some ways in which you can nourish your restless mind.


Spending our time in silence creates a sense of being and our minds chatter is quiet but most people go wrong in this by thinking that silence is different from them. According to Adyashanti who is a spiritual teacher and also an author says that ‘silence is who you are’. You can spend an hour or in silence or go to a retreat to meditate.

Create Time to Day Dream

Stepping away from digital and other destructions and just giving yourself time to daydream is important because you are able to cleanse your mind from useless things that bug you and keep you stuck in some awful thoughts, you also give your mind time to breathe.


When you exercise, you give your mind a break from the things bothering you. Exercise also boost your brainpower by, keeping it active and fit, increasing ‘soothing’ neurotransmitters such as such as serotonin, dopamine and it also lowers the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease this is according to US News and World Report.


Sit in a place alone and relieve yourself from bad thoughts and fears, try to erase them completely with a relaxed inner focus. David Harshad Wagner, a spiritual teacher who has recorded CDs for meditation says those who are new to the sitting practice should try at least 8 minutes.

Have a Try on Yoga Nidra

Utilize skills like breath awareness, guided imagery, meditative state of consciousness that is nourishing to your brain, body scanning to quiet an overactive mind. For the beginners, it is easy since you just have to download the nine-minute audio practiced which was recorded by Richard Miller the developer of iRest Yoga Nidra protocol and the developer of Yoga Nidra. The audio was published by Yoga Journal.