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My Love For Music

I have always fallen in love with the beautiful harmony of music. It began with the piano, the soft cadence and graceful dance of the fingers as they graze upon the white and black keys, each soft touch producing a soft note, and each note in sequence produces a wonderful melody. The piano was my… Read More »

5 Most Difficult Decisions to Make in Life

Life’s one long series of decisions. Most times, whether you succeed or not is influenced by the decisions you make along the way. Although we all have a place to start, it’s up to each and every one to make informed choices that will work for their own good. Below are the 5 most difficult… Read More »

The 8 Simple Qualities for Success in Life

Being successful doesn’t mean that you’re the CEO of the world’s next tech giant. And neither does it mean that you have to be a multi-millionaire. Definitely, that would be a great addition to your CV or bank account, but it’s not the definition of success. Accomplishing such things as happy living and meeting your… Read More »

Answers to Long Term Care Insurance Q & A

Hi John, thanks for the questions.  I hear what you described from clients all over the US so that must be ABC Mutual Long Term Care Insurance pitch.  They say they can sell other companies but always push the customer towards ABC MutualLong Term Care Insurance.  The reason is they do have the ability to sell… Read More »

How to Nourish Your Mind

Ever been overwhelmed by mental noise? Well, in such a situation you note that it is hard to stay relaxed and be productive in what you are doing. You tend to think about your past, in a trance about your future and building castles in the air about your life. This chatter brings about anxiety… Read More »